Saturday, September 29, 2007

Someone said resting?

Well talking is good, getting at it is another thing. or should I say doing it. I have several project here during this weekend that I need to finish!
And I will.

If it is the only thing I´ll do today and tomorrow I will. And then I have other projects to take their place. I love to be busy!

Well unfortunately I am removing This Month´s Mama. makes me a bit sad but who know in the future perhaps it can be reintroduced.

I am finishing my third cup of coffee and I´m hoping there is some more left in the peculator. I woke up 5am this morning, not because I wanted to but because little Choriço couldn´t sleep and wanted to watch TV. And seriously 5am I havn´t got any energy to start fighting a fight that is hard to win so I just take my blanket and pillow and make myself comfortable in the sofa.

Sleeping is not possible, maybe drifting in and out of sleep but not sleeping. "Mom I want water", "Mom I want to eat" ... etc etc on it goes...

So I think I need some more coffee...

0 Coffee´s on the table, please have some coffee