Thursday, September 13, 2007

Solution for a sore throat

My husband and my MIL just crack me up sometimes! They come up with the strangest ideas that I´ve never seen before and it makes me laugh. And I´m sure you would as well if you heard half of what I hear daily.

My husband has a sore throat at the moment, very unusual for him. Last night he asks me where the alcohol is. No, no t the kind you drink but the stuf you use to lit fires and clean etc. I tell him it´s in the room on the yard and I can hear him go there and after a while he comes back.  When he comes back he has a sock wrapped around his neck.

I look at the sock and realize it stinks of alcohol. I ask him if he has put alcohol on the sock and he says yes. And he tells me it is good for a sore throat. (????)

I just couldn´t take it and started to laugh like crazy. I thought it was hilarious. My hubby didn´t think it was so funny and I asked him how come he has never told med about this before. He sais he knew I wouldn´t do it so there was no point in telling me. And the other day wyhen I had a terribly soar throat, couldn´t he have told me then when he saw I was in pain? No.

This morning I asked him if he was better and he said no. Of course I couldn´t help my self and said: Oh didn´t the alcohol work? (I tried not to laugh but it was difficult)

Has anyone heard of this house remedy for soar throats before? Or any other remedy that works I can tell my husband?

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Tee said...

My MIL always had whacked out home remedies that didn't work, too. LOL.

Sore throats can be viral or bacterial infections. Sometimes you can't "cure" a sore throat with home remedies, but you can relieve some of the discomfort.

You can gargle with cayenne pepper or chili powder in water. (Search the internet for how much and how often).

Linda said...

cayenne pepper or chili powder, sounds dangerous :) Thanks Tee!