Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Preparing myself

I am preparing myself for Christmas already. It´s getting hotter and hotter here but I´ve decided it´s good to start planning.

I am also preparing my husband.
I have decided to give him a wish list so that I won´t get any "surprises". One of the good thing about Christmas is that there are often some good discounts on offer.There are lots of promo codes around and you can find yourself saving a great deal on those.

I have been searching Coupon Chief for inspiration and I found the following to indicate to my husband what he should get me: My passion in life when I am not blogging is cooking. I love to stand in the kitchen baking and making all sorts of food. I love cooking ware so something from Sur la Table would be great for me.

As for my husband he is a handy type of guy so I´m sure he would like to get tools for the car or something like that. If you have got a handy man as well who loves to play with his car you might want to check out the deals from Home Depot.

And little Choriço? He is not getting anything!
*lol* Of course he is, he is getting the most actually but I think I´ll have to throw away half of his toys then because there is no space for any more toys at the moment.

Of course the planning includes food planning as well and that will be a fun project in the coming months.

Have you started Planning for Christmas yet?

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Revka said...

Yes, I pick up items on clearance all year long. I don't buy just anything but only if I see something for a great price that I think someone we give gifts to would like. It really saves on stress during the Christmas season.

Linda said...

I try to do it as well but I always end up stressing before hand :)

Revka said...

Well, I have never had all the presents bought before the Christmas season, so I stress, too, but it's better than it would have been if I hadn't bought presents throughout the year.