Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The middle of the week

How come that one day it´s Monday and the next it´s Friday? Before you know it 5 days have passed and you are still thinking about all the things you need to do this week.

Well it´s only Wednesday today obviously but that means just another two days until it´s Friday. Hey I gotta hurry, I got lots of things to do. Why am I always saying that?

I´m sure there are others who´s got a whole lot more to do than I. Well all is relevant.

Today is Wordless Wednesday, yesterday was Tackle it Tuesday and tomorrow is Thankfuul Thirsday and Thursday Thirteen. Of course I´d like to participate in all but before I know it it´s too late.

I also have a wonderful reward from Revka to put up and another one from Mayogi, I should try and do this this week still. I´ve been delaying it too long.

So it´s in the middle of the week, are stressed or do you not care too much?       I´m stressed...

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