Saturday, September 8, 2007

It all adds up

You must have heard about it from many bloggers. They say it´s so good and encourage you to do the same. Blogging for money.
But you are not sure, how do you know that they really pay or that they are trustworthy?

Well hundreds-thousands of bloggers can´t be wrong.
Anyone can get paid to blog. The money can go towards paying bills, buying food, going out or planning a trip (or why not let it pay for a giveaway for your readers). And it all adds up and after a while you will see that the work you put into your blog is paying off.

Smorty is a company that helps advertisers reach a larger public connecting them with bloggers. The pay weekly and on time, I´m talking from experience.

I wish more companies would understand the benefits of using bloggers and advertise on blogs instead of spending a fortune on other types of commercial, it is much cheaper and reaches out to a lager audience than the normal TV commercial for example.

If you want to get some extra money then why don´t you try Smorty, remember it all adds up. Every little penny counts....

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Gaida said...

Hi Linda,

I agree that there are many benefits using bloggers for advertising. I have been paid to blog and love payperpost, blogitive and payu2blog. Thanks for the link to smorty.

Love the colours of your site. Will definitely have to check out a redo for my LifeStyle Discoveries site.

Linda said...

Thank you Gaida, yes if you have once started with paid blogging it´s hard to stop :)