Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I´m trying to get home

So here is the thing:
I need to go home to Sweden.

I haven´t been home for 3 years.
My mom has had 2 strokes, walks and talks badly and is probably in need of more help than she gets. And I feel really bad that I can´t help her.
I don´t want to go back to Sweden to live there but I would like to go and visit my mother (and everyone else of course).
But, I have no money to pay for a flight ticket. Seriously I mean NO money.

S*cks doesn´t it? Don´t you feel a little bit bad for me? No I don´t spend my money on things or waste them. Everything I earn goes towards our bills. If I put away $20 a month that´s much.
So I have decided that this blog will help me get home!

It was never my intention that this blog would make any money at all but I see no other way at the moment if I want to go home sometime next year.

So I´m in need of help; love, linky love, donations, prayers, used toys, dirty socks-nah not really, what ever you can help me with I´m grateful for.

Let me tell you that I am incredibly bad at lying. I don´t know how to lie at all. Be it face to face with someone or over the internet.
For you to have an idea of how much I need; a trip to Sweden from Brazil for me, son and hubby is 10 000 reais= $5000. And that is only the ticket and with margins for any extra expenses.
All other costs like spending money etc is all on top of that.
So I´m going to set my goal at R$ 8.000.
This is going to take some time that´s for sure but I understand that and there is not much I can do about it.

But my main objective with this blog will not change, writing my everyday thoughts and sharing with other mothers.
I love being a mom blogger and meeting wonderful moms on the net! And that I do for free. :)

Thank you for reading this blog, now I will post my Disclosure policy to get this ball rolling. Any tips you have for me- shoot I want to hear!

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