Monday, September 10, 2007

If I could be a fly...

I really wish I could be a little fly and sit on the wall and watch over my son when he is in nursery.

I am so curious to know what they are doing there! I know they are playing and drawing and come up with all sorts of things because he comes home with a lot of drawings and things he has made by himself. But it would be fun to watch for a day.

About the drawings; I have started to think about how I will save everything. I´ve thought about buying some kind of boxes and folders and store the drawings in the folders (with month and year dated) and put them in the box.

But I´m not sure that is the best thing, he is only three so how many boxes won´t I have when he is 10? *lol*

How do you store your kids drawings and other stuff they´ve made? Any storage ideas for me?

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DidiLyn said...

Hi there, I don't have any storage ideas for you, but encourage you to stick to your plan of saving their stuff. I am not a pack rat, in fact the opposite, whatever that is, but now that my kids are grown, I cherish each one of the few things I did save. I wish I had done more.
Save away, and enjoy!

Linda said...

Oh yes, I am not throwing away anything, it´s like throwing away gold :) thanks!

Revka said...

I keep very few of their "works of art." I only keep what is truly unique, usually something they made themselves - a drawing, painting, or such - that I think is excellent. Then I put their name, age, and the date on the paper and put it in a bag I keep that kind of stuff in. But, like I said, most of it gets thrown away.