Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dreaming of a perfect wedding

I´m not sure why but lately I´ve seen lots of films where the girls are dreaming of a perfect wedding. And you know what, I  never did before I got married. The whole idea of planning a wedding, sending our wedding invitations, being nervous, choosing a dress and feeling an immense happiness never was my thing. Or it has never been.

Our wedding was nothing like that. We got married at the Town Hall, had a reception at home afterwards and then we continued with our life as normal. So unromantic. Sad do you think? Well it was good for us.

But of course I can understand the joy in planning a wedding and all that comes with it. Just choosing your bridal shower cards or dress is a big thing. Girls are often romantic and we should be. You will always remember the day you got married and yes it would

have been nice to have a unique wedding invitation from our wedding to look at and remember that day even more.

Oh and let me tell you I didn´t get married in white but in Pink. Really pink. *lol*

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