Sunday, September 16, 2007

The cotton candy man

Every day you can hear a loud beep beep on the street. When you hear that you know that it is the cotton candy man that is walking don the street to sell sweets to the kids.

If you hear another kind of beep beep it is the popcorn man, he comes on a cycle. I have tried to ignore this for as long as possible and have been secretly praying every time I hear the beep that my son would not discover what the men are selling.

Now he knows.

And I have no idea how he found out but now he knows. He just had another cotton candy man on a motorbike to stop his bike just so that he could go and get me. Our gate is closed so my son called him through the gate. And of course I said no.

So at the moment my son is a bit upset with me and looking out to the street hoping that the man will come back.

Oh dear, I just went outside to see what he was doing and he has fallen asleep next to his swing. Tired from crying and no afternoon nap. And now it´s 6pm so I think I´ll have to go and wake him up. *lol

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