Monday, September 24, 2007

Cleaning is good for the soul

I had a well deserved computer break this weekend.  And it felt so good. I love working from home but soemtimes ait´s a bit tiring. It feels as if I am alsways available.  So I have started to narrow down my internet time. The consequences  are that I don´t answer emails as quickly as I usualy do, less time is spent in forums, reading posts and networking in general.

But when I do work my productivity is increased. Which is goood of course.

So with somuch time left on my hands all of a sudden then what did I do over the weekend? Well something that has been on my mind for a long time is our storage room. It´s so messy and no matter how many times I clean it it never changes. My husband stores his tools there and I store my cleaning products. But it´s mostly his stuff that is in the way actually.

So I took out everything! Every little piece that was on the ground that is and on the table. And I cleaned and then threw away things we don´t need and told my hubby to put away the things he is not using at the moment or doens´t use very often. A little rearranging and now it looks so good. And the best part is: it´s no easier to clean and keep clean and clutter free.

See I had a calm and relaxing weekend. Now I´m ready for a new week. And a new work free weekend :)

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3 Coffee´s on the table, please have some coffee

Mayogi said...

I really should do that. Work is slow anyway on weekends so sometimes I feel I'm just a fool for sitting by the computer for work to come along. I think I'll follow your example and take at least one day a week totally away from the computer.

I can't wait to clean and organize my home after the makeover. I can't wait!

Linda said...

Haha, you are a fool sitting in front of the computer :) Just kidding. I think having a computer free day is great! Hope you get to organize everything soon!

Revka said...

Good for you! You need the break over the weekends, and your family needs your attention.