Thursday, September 13, 2007

13 Things about me - Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Mama Linda

1: You could think I was fed on coffee when I was a baby as I am a total coffee addict and proud of it :)

2: I forced myself to like olives when I was a teenager. I hated the taste but since my mom liked it so much I figured it couldn´t be that bad and sat down with the jar one day and decided it was time to grow up and learn to eat the stuff.

3: I believe anything is possible. The words you can´t doesn´t exist in my everyday vocabulary.

4: I love to read, especially crime my favorite author is Ruth Rendell. She is a wonder writer!

5: I still don´t understand I am a mother and it´s almost 4 years ago Choriço was born so you´d think it is about time wouldn´t you?

6: I try to be a patient mother but I have never been a patient person so it´s not going very well. And it seems as it´s going from generation to generation as Choriço is just the same ;)

7: I love blue. I think my mother has influenced me there as well, she also loves blue. The darker the better. When my mother turned 50 I had a local handy craft man make a blue plate with a golden angel inside just for her. Especially made and incredibly beautiful, she loves angels and blue just as much so it was perfect. I believe it´s one of the most precious things my mother has today.

8: I am a very convenient person. I don´t say I am lazy, I see it as being convenient and laid back. :) But I try to remind myself that the shortest way is not always the best and I believe you need to fight for the things you really want.

9: I hate meaningless talk on the radio. It seems as it´s the same thing all over the world. Always a group of people taking calls from listeners and making fun of them. I´d rather listen to my dog bark than listen to that.

10: I love everything Italian. The landscape, the food, the people, the language, the men. What? No something went wrong there I didn´t type that!

11: It´s only 11,5 and I´m already thinking of coffee and sweets. Bad of me!

12: I blame my bad, terrible, horrible, memory on my son. Before he was born I never had any problems with my memory and now I can´t even remember what day it is. last night I was very confused and didn´t know if it was Tuesday or Wednesday. Thankfully it says on the computer ;) I forget everything! of course I don´t forget to blog or to network but things around the house... *lol*

13: I come up with crazy idea all the time! And thank God for that! What if everyone were the same?? That would be sooooo boring! But hopefully there are other crazy coffee addicted mamas out there for me to meet. OK you don´t need to be coffee addicted, it´s OK if you like tea :)

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10 Coffee´s on the table, please have some coffee

Lori said...

You sounds like an awesome person. Anyone that loves coffee cant be half bad;) Happy TT.

Sniz said...

I just tipped you 200 bucks, just like I always do at Starbucks! I loved your list. Very fresh and fun!

Nancy J. Bond said...

It's lovely to learn more about you! I'm with you on #1 2, and 3 for sure. :)

Wolfie said...

Oh wow...i love coffee too...!

Linda said...

Thank you Lori! Nice to hear. :)
Sniz: Thanks for the tip! :)I love Starbucks!

Nancy: I´m glad to hear I´m not the only one with bad memory :)
Wolfie: coffee is good for the soul!
Thanks all for stopping by!

Southern Girl said...

Fun list! I enjoyed learning a little about you. We share a love for BLUE! ;)

My TT is up, too.

Happy Mama to Three said...

Hey creativity is born in crazy ideas. Isn't that where the all the greats started? With someone saying you must be NUTS. Keep creating and dreaming.

My TT is up

Joy T. said...

Great idea for a TT. Nice to 'get to know' you a bit :o)

Nicholas said...

I love blue too. Nice to get to know you. Welcome to TT.

Buck Naked Politics said...

Welcome! I especially agree with you about talk radio.