Saturday, September 29, 2007

Someone said resting?

Well talking is good, getting at it is another thing. or should I say doing it. I have several project here during this weekend that I need to finish!
And I will.

If it is the only thing I´ll do today and tomorrow I will. And then I have other projects to take their place. I love to be busy!

Well unfortunately I am removing This Month´s Mama. makes me a bit sad but who know in the future perhaps it can be reintroduced.

I am finishing my third cup of coffee and I´m hoping there is some more left in the peculator. I woke up 5am this morning, not because I wanted to but because little Choriço couldn´t sleep and wanted to watch TV. And seriously 5am I havn´t got any energy to start fighting a fight that is hard to win so I just take my blanket and pillow and make myself comfortable in the sofa.

Sleeping is not possible, maybe drifting in and out of sleep but not sleeping. "Mom I want water", "Mom I want to eat" ... etc etc on it goes...

So I think I need some more coffee...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Commenting problems

I just want to say that I am sorry if it seems as if I am not answering your commetns. I am. Or that is, I´m trying to. I´m not very lucky in my trying. I´m not sure why but I´ve had this problem for some time now. Someday s it´s ok, others it takes ages to comment. FYI :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dreaming of a perfect wedding

I´m not sure why but lately I´ve seen lots of films where the girls are dreaming of a perfect wedding. And you know what, I  never did before I got married. The whole idea of planning a wedding, sending our wedding invitations, being nervous, choosing a dress and feeling an immense happiness never was my thing. Or it has never been.

Our wedding was nothing like that. We got married at the Town Hall, had a reception at home afterwards and then we continued with our life as normal. So unromantic. Sad do you think? Well it was good for us.

But of course I can understand the joy in planning a wedding and all that comes with it. Just choosing your bridal shower cards or dress is a big thing. Girls are often romantic and we should be. You will always remember the day you got married and yes it would

have been nice to have a unique wedding invitation from our wedding to look at and remember that day even more.

Oh and let me tell you I didn´t get married in white but in Pink. Really pink. *lol*

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The middle of the week

How come that one day it´s Monday and the next it´s Friday? Before you know it 5 days have passed and you are still thinking about all the things you need to do this week.

Well it´s only Wednesday today obviously but that means just another two days until it´s Friday. Hey I gotta hurry, I got lots of things to do. Why am I always saying that?

I´m sure there are others who´s got a whole lot more to do than I. Well all is relevant.

Today is Wordless Wednesday, yesterday was Tackle it Tuesday and tomorrow is Thankfuul Thirsday and Thursday Thirteen. Of course I´d like to participate in all but before I know it it´s too late.

I also have a wonderful reward from Revka to put up and another one from Mayogi, I should try and do this this week still. I´ve been delaying it too long.

So it´s in the middle of the week, are stressed or do you not care too much?       I´m stressed...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Cleaning is good for the soul

I had a well deserved computer break this weekend.  And it felt so good. I love working from home but soemtimes ait´s a bit tiring. It feels as if I am alsways available.  So I have started to narrow down my internet time. The consequences  are that I don´t answer emails as quickly as I usualy do, less time is spent in forums, reading posts and networking in general.

But when I do work my productivity is increased. Which is goood of course.

So with somuch time left on my hands all of a sudden then what did I do over the weekend? Well something that has been on my mind for a long time is our storage room. It´s so messy and no matter how many times I clean it it never changes. My husband stores his tools there and I store my cleaning products. But it´s mostly his stuff that is in the way actually.

So I took out everything! Every little piece that was on the ground that is and on the table. And I cleaned and then threw away things we don´t need and told my hubby to put away the things he is not using at the moment or doens´t use very often. A little rearranging and now it looks so good. And the best part is: it´s no easier to clean and keep clean and clutter free.

See I had a calm and relaxing weekend. Now I´m ready for a new week. And a new work free weekend :)

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Friday, September 21, 2007

It´s a hard life being a wahm

Oh yes, it´s a hard life being a wahm *lol* I´ve just cleaned the whole yard, still have inside cleaning to do. I gave the dogs a bath as well, they where more brown than white.

Now it´s time for lunch and then two hours of hard work is awaiting me. After that I need to go and buy some food and prepare some games that I and Choriço can play during the weekend.
It´s just that I am lousy at playing games with kids. All my childish games are long gone from my mind and my imagination is zero. But how hard can it be to play with a child? Shouldn´t be so hard now should it :)

I need a rest, it´s hot hot and everything is sticky. We need some rain so I hope it rains this weekend.

Off to work....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thou shall not commit adultery

One of the news programs here asks a daily question to their viewers and the other day the question was: Should you have to pay if you commit adultery?

Good question!

But really I think it is SILLY.

I think four out of ten said yes. I told my husband I do not agree. Com´on we live in year 2007!!!!!!!!!!! It´s time to take responsability instead of paying in money for your sins. If you have promised to love someone you cannot simply pay an amount and the pain and suffering will go away. The pain of being cheated on is not payable!  There is no money in the world that can sompensate that!

So you ask me: why shouldn´t I get paid if my husband cheats on me? Becasue what you need is not money it´s love.

If we start with this kind of things it w

ill be just like a carousel that goes round and round all the time. In the end people will look for signs that their partner is cheating, perhaps even trick the partner into doing something against his/her will just to get compensated. I´m amazed that people even come up with these ideas.

Should you be compensated if your husband/wife cheats on you?

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It´s going to rain

Are you supposed to laugh or get annoyed when your child says " It´s going to rain"  to each and every person you meet on the street?

Kids. *lol*

That was yesterday and it never rained. Today it was "mommy can you buy everything?" which I of course said I would.

Small things that makes my day.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The cotton candy man

Every day you can hear a loud beep beep on the street. When you hear that you know that it is the cotton candy man that is walking don the street to sell sweets to the kids.

If you hear another kind of beep beep it is the popcorn man, he comes on a cycle. I have tried to ignore this for as long as possible and have been secretly praying every time I hear the beep that my son would not discover what the men are selling.

Now he knows.

And I have no idea how he found out but now he knows. He just had another cotton candy man on a motorbike to stop his bike just so that he could go and get me. Our gate is closed so my son called him through the gate. And of course I said no.

So at the moment my son is a bit upset with me and looking out to the street hoping that the man will come back.

Oh dear, I just went outside to see what he was doing and he has fallen asleep next to his swing. Tired from crying and no afternoon nap. And now it´s 6pm so I think I´ll have to go and wake him up. *lol

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Friday, September 14, 2007

A weekend trip

One of the greatest things with living in London is the accessibility and easiness to go everywhere in the world.
You can decide from one day to the next that you will take a trip to Paris over the weekend or go to Barcelona for a few days. I love that! There are always offers on for weekend breaks and usually they are reasonably priced that it won´t make much difference to your wallet.

I went for a short break to Venice once and it was the best short trip I´ve done in my life!You can easily find cheap flights and take a quick city break to a new place. I went to Venice and fell in love!

It is so easy to travel when you live in Europe and I wish I had used the opportunities more and visited more places. I´d love to go to Vienna, I´ve heard it is very beautiful there and of course all the images I´ve seen are to blame for that. A fellow food blogger just went to Prague and she ate a lot and had lots of interesting stories to tell about the food and the people. The world is so full of places that it will be impossible to visit them all but we can try. *lol*

Traveling is great! I wish I have the opportunity to do it soon again!

What is the best weekend break you´ve done? I´d love to know so that I can put it on my "possible travels" list.


I am feeling a bit exhausted after a few days of stressing around the net trying to find time to do everything. Really nothing special has happened but time just doens´t seem to be on my side. OK that´s a bad excuse, I need to get it right.

Wednesday a friend came over and I stressed too much to get the place in order before she came and as well do everything I need to. I still haven´t recovered from that. How that´s possible.

I am starting to dream about being able to be at home doing nothing. Just have my son here and be with him, play with him and have fun. Included in the fun I try to remind myself it means daily arguing, crying, screaming, me tearing my hair out, yelling, fighting... But maybe not. Because usually when I am at home with my son we have a nice time together. But I would never be able to work with him at home. He keeps calling me 211 times/minute. So I´m not sure that would work, or I´m sure it would not work.

I have great admiration for homeschooling moms. You are my idols! Revka especially :)

Tomorrow is Saturday which means hubby works until 12 and me and Choriço can enjoy a peaceful morning together. We both like Saturday mornings very much.
Have a nice weekend ladies, enjoy your rest. I sure will!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

13 Things about me - Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Mama Linda

1: You could think I was fed on coffee when I was a baby as I am a total coffee addict and proud of it :)

2: I forced myself to like olives when I was a teenager. I hated the taste but since my mom liked it so much I figured it couldn´t be that bad and sat down with the jar one day and decided it was time to grow up and learn to eat the stuff.

3: I believe anything is possible. The words you can´t doesn´t exist in my everyday vocabulary.

4: I love to read, especially crime my favorite author is Ruth Rendell. She is a wonder writer!

5: I still don´t understand I am a mother and it´s almost 4 years ago Choriço was born so you´d think it is about time wouldn´t you?

6: I try to be a patient mother but I have never been a patient person so it´s not going very well. And it seems as it´s going from generation to generation as Choriço is just the same ;)

7: I love blue. I think my mother has influenced me there as well, she also loves blue. The darker the better. When my mother turned 50 I had a local handy craft man make a blue plate with a golden angel inside just for her. Especially made and incredibly beautiful, she loves angels and blue just as much so it was perfect. I believe it´s one of the most precious things my mother has today.

8: I am a very convenient person. I don´t say I am lazy, I see it as being convenient and laid back. :) But I try to remind myself that the shortest way is not always the best and I believe you need to fight for the things you really want.

9: I hate meaningless talk on the radio. It seems as it´s the same thing all over the world. Always a group of people taking calls from listeners and making fun of them. I´d rather listen to my dog bark than listen to that.

10: I love everything Italian. The landscape, the food, the people, the language, the men. What? No something went wrong there I didn´t type that!

11: It´s only 11,5 and I´m already thinking of coffee and sweets. Bad of me!

12: I blame my bad, terrible, horrible, memory on my son. Before he was born I never had any problems with my memory and now I can´t even remember what day it is. last night I was very confused and didn´t know if it was Tuesday or Wednesday. Thankfully it says on the computer ;) I forget everything! of course I don´t forget to blog or to network but things around the house... *lol*

13: I come up with crazy idea all the time! And thank God for that! What if everyone were the same?? That would be sooooo boring! But hopefully there are other crazy coffee addicted mamas out there for me to meet. OK you don´t need to be coffee addicted, it´s OK if you like tea :)

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The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

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Solution for a sore throat

My husband and my MIL just crack me up sometimes! They come up with the strangest ideas that I´ve never seen before and it makes me laugh. And I´m sure you would as well if you heard half of what I hear daily.

My husband has a sore throat at the moment, very unusual for him. Last night he asks me where the alcohol is. No, no t the kind you drink but the stuf you use to lit fires and clean etc. I tell him it´s in the room on the yard and I can hear him go there and after a while he comes back.  When he comes back he has a sock wrapped around his neck.

I look at the sock and realize it stinks of alcohol. I ask him if he has put alcohol on the sock and he says yes. And he tells me it is good for a sore throat. (????)

I just couldn´t take it and started to laugh like crazy. I thought it was hilarious. My hubby didn´t think it was so funny and I asked him how come he has never told med about this before. He sais he knew I wouldn´t do it so there was no point in telling me. And the other day wyhen I had a terribly soar throat, couldn´t he have told me then when he saw I was in pain? No.

This morning I asked him if he was better and he said no. Of course I couldn´t help my self and said: Oh didn´t the alcohol work? (I tried not to laugh but it was difficult)

Has anyone heard of this house remedy for soar throats before? Or any other remedy that works I can tell my husband?

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mommy can I...

"Mommy can I go to the toilet?"
"Mommy can I watch TV?"
"Mommy can I go and play outside?"

And on it goes...
Choriço has started to ask these questions daily now for most things he does. I´m not sure why, is it some way to get re-assurance that he is allowed to do things? Of course he is allowed to do all of these things and he knows that. What if I were to say that he couldn´t go to the toilet *lol*
I would be the one cleaning up after him then if an accident happened.

Kids are just too funny and we´ll see for how long this lasts :)

Wordless Wednesday September 12


The horses in Brazil walks as they please and these horses decided they wanted to rest on the street. In the background is the local health service and the motorbikes to the right belongs to the "Moto-taxi"- Taxi on motorbike. :)

For more WW visit Wordless Wednesday or 5minutes for mom.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Preparing myself

I am preparing myself for Christmas already. It´s getting hotter and hotter here but I´ve decided it´s good to start planning.

I am also preparing my husband.
I have decided to give him a wish list so that I won´t get any "surprises". One of the good thing about Christmas is that there are often some good discounts on offer.There are lots of promo codes around and you can find yourself saving a great deal on those.

I have been searching Coupon Chief for inspiration and I found the following to indicate to my husband what he should get me: My passion in life when I am not blogging is cooking. I love to stand in the kitchen baking and making all sorts of food. I love cooking ware so something from Sur la Table would be great for me.

As for my husband he is a handy type of guy so I´m sure he would like to get tools for the car or something like that. If you have got a handy man as well who loves to play with his car you might want to check out the deals from Home Depot.

And little Choriço? He is not getting anything!
*lol* Of course he is, he is getting the most actually but I think I´ll have to throw away half of his toys then because there is no space for any more toys at the moment.

Of course the planning includes food planning as well and that will be a fun project in the coming months.

Have you started Planning for Christmas yet?

I can see clearly now...

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

My son has had a bad habit of keeping his toys, or a big part of them, in the living room.
Last week I took everything and just shoveled it into a box and put it in his room. I started organizing a bit, separating bits and pieces and so far they are where they are supposed to be.

But the main thing was still there, separating all his papers, books and bigger toys.
This is what it looked like before:
As you can see it´s really messy. Clothes on top of the drawer, all shoes are in a mess, papers and books on the floor.
And the stationary bike.
OK this bike is not mine OK! It´s my husbands and has been before he met me. Apparently he bought it some years ago and used it for a while. He has used it maximum 5 times since we moved here. It doesn´t work very well either, I ´ve tried taking up the habit a few times but the bike is in such a miserable shape that it´s better not to.

So I cleared everything up, threw away lots of papers, no drawings, and a few toys that will not be missed at all.

I felt really good about myself, I don´t like throwing things away and I´ve noticed my son is the same. Whenever I try to get rid of something he says> No mommy, lets keep this. *lol*

So after all this hard work I finally took an after picture this morning. This is what it looks like now:
Now you can see inside the drawer as well. It was not as organized as it is now.

Even Winnie the Pooh is sitting on there watchin over the room. In the paper box to the right are all his drawings squeezed in. I can still fit a few in there but then I will have to think of another way of storing them.

And all his books are to the left. He doesn´t have one book in Portuguese but he does have a few in English and most are in Swedish. The English ones really aren´t his but for my teaching but when I don´t use them he can have them.

And the shoes... well you see we haven´t got a hallway in our house. You either step right into the dining/living room or into the kitchen. And there is no appropriate place to put the shoes there so they are stored in my sons room. That is quite annoying actually but there is nothing I can do about it at the moment.

I´ve wanted to participate in Tackle it Tuesday before but never come around to it, but here it is my first entry.

If you want to participate in Tackle it Tuesday please head over to 5minutes for mom.

Monday, September 10, 2007

It could be you...

This Month´s Mama spot is available again!

If you would like your blog to be This Month´s Mama please leave a comment.

To find out what this month´s mama is, follow the link in the sidebar where it says: Become This Month´s Mama (yes I am changing that button soon).

A safe family

My husbands job changed manager a few months ago and with that a whole lot changed around the place. When my husband told me that he now has a life insurance through his job I became very happy. This is something we can´t afford on our own so it made me happy and made me feel saf to know we are now better protected.

Term Life Insurance is for a specific period of time, so depending on what your family needs a term insurance can be just what you are looking for.

Having a life insurance is very important and something more people should think about. There are different life insurances to choose from, the term life insurance rates depends on what insurance you need. It´s easy to get a term insurance quote so that you can easily find what is best for your family.

Well if something happens to me my husband will have to figure something else out as the insurance he has doesn´t over me. That makes me think that we really should get a family insurance.
Hopefully we will never have to use it but it´s better to be safe than sorry.

If I could be a fly...

I really wish I could be a little fly and sit on the wall and watch over my son when he is in nursery.

I am so curious to know what they are doing there! I know they are playing and drawing and come up with all sorts of things because he comes home with a lot of drawings and things he has made by himself. But it would be fun to watch for a day.

About the drawings; I have started to think about how I will save everything. I´ve thought about buying some kind of boxes and folders and store the drawings in the folders (with month and year dated) and put them in the box.

But I´m not sure that is the best thing, he is only three so how many boxes won´t I have when he is 10? *lol*

How do you store your kids drawings and other stuff they´ve made? Any storage ideas for me?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Why is it so quiet?

I spend most of my days all alone here at home. And it´s quiet. But it doesn´t get quiet for some reason.

Today is a holiday because of the Independence Day yesterday so both my husband and my son are at home. But my husband went into town to pay some bills and my son went to see his cousin at my MIL´s. So I´m all alone again.

And somehow it feels too quiet. It´s not the same silence as when I´m at home by myself during the week. Maybe it´s because I know that they are supposed to be at home?

I actually like to work when they are at home. I don´t know why but it gives me inner peace somehow. Not said that I work better because of that, probably not because of all the disturbance but I like it.
Maybe it´s the unspoken surrounding love in our house? Whatever it is I like it but I better continue to work now or I will have to hurry when they come home. *lol*

It all adds up

You must have heard about it from many bloggers. They say it´s so good and encourage you to do the same. Blogging for money.
But you are not sure, how do you know that they really pay or that they are trustworthy?

Well hundreds-thousands of bloggers can´t be wrong.
Anyone can get paid to blog. The money can go towards paying bills, buying food, going out or planning a trip (or why not let it pay for a giveaway for your readers). And it all adds up and after a while you will see that the work you put into your blog is paying off.

Smorty is a company that helps advertisers reach a larger public connecting them with bloggers. The pay weekly and on time, I´m talking from experience.

I wish more companies would understand the benefits of using bloggers and advertise on blogs instead of spending a fortune on other types of commercial, it is much cheaper and reaches out to a lager audience than the normal TV commercial for example.

If you want to get some extra money then why don´t you try Smorty, remember it all adds up. Every little penny counts....

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thankful Thursday Sep 6th

First of all I want to thank the Lord for waiting for me. I´m still not there but his love is growing stronger everyday and I an thankful for that.

I am thankful that my husband is being appreciated at his job. And hopefully this will lead to us not having to watch every penny every month.

I am thankful for the inspiration and the creativity that is finally coming back to me.

And I would like to say that I am incredibly thankful to all wonderful bloggers out there. The blogging world is an amazing place.

I am thankful that every night when I go to bed I can rest in peace with my family around me. Life is so stressing but at night everything is quieter and listening to my sons breath is a wonderful feeling.

What are you thankful for?
Share your thankfulness over at Sting my Heart.

So lets count...

So lets count how many times this year I have been ill.
You know what, I won´t even try. Too many times.

I´m sick again of course, sore throat, the flu.
My body is hurting my head is aching, I´ve managed to stretch my hamstring too badly so I´m walking like an old lady.

So I have rearranged my bedroom today. I am sitting in bed writing this at the moment. It was too tiring to sit on a chair and I need to work so I moved the bed and my work space.
Working in bed is great! I should make this a habit! Really I wouldn´t mind having a laptop so that I could go outside and work or sit in the living room and watch tv at the same time. :)

It´s funny I feel more relaxed in bed and more productive. It´s like I get more energy just because I´m in bed. Had I been sitting on the chair it would´ve been another thing.

Well I am drinking chamomile tea at the moment. I had some coffee earlier but it didn´t taste very nice actually.Now lets just hope I don´t get sleepy because of the tea, it is upposed to have a calming effect...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Disclosure Policy

This policy is valid from 06 September 2007
This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact Linda.
This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content.
The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.
To get your own policy, go to

I´m trying to get home

So here is the thing:
I need to go home to Sweden.

I haven´t been home for 3 years.
My mom has had 2 strokes, walks and talks badly and is probably in need of more help than she gets. And I feel really bad that I can´t help her.
I don´t want to go back to Sweden to live there but I would like to go and visit my mother (and everyone else of course).
But, I have no money to pay for a flight ticket. Seriously I mean NO money.

S*cks doesn´t it? Don´t you feel a little bit bad for me? No I don´t spend my money on things or waste them. Everything I earn goes towards our bills. If I put away $20 a month that´s much.
So I have decided that this blog will help me get home!

It was never my intention that this blog would make any money at all but I see no other way at the moment if I want to go home sometime next year.

So I´m in need of help; love, linky love, donations, prayers, used toys, dirty socks-nah not really, what ever you can help me with I´m grateful for.

Let me tell you that I am incredibly bad at lying. I don´t know how to lie at all. Be it face to face with someone or over the internet.
For you to have an idea of how much I need; a trip to Sweden from Brazil for me, son and hubby is 10 000 reais= $5000. And that is only the ticket and with margins for any extra expenses.
All other costs like spending money etc is all on top of that.
So I´m going to set my goal at R$ 8.000.
This is going to take some time that´s for sure but I understand that and there is not much I can do about it.

But my main objective with this blog will not change, writing my everyday thoughts and sharing with other mothers.
I love being a mom blogger and meeting wonderful moms on the net! And that I do for free. :)

Thank you for reading this blog, now I will post my Disclosure policy to get this ball rolling. Any tips you have for me- shoot I want to hear!

" I want it like.. hmm.. well.. something like this..."

This is what I sound like every time I go to the hairdresser.

And this is what I will sound like in about 10 minute.s. I´m off to the hairdresser.
Why is it so difficult to decide on haircuts?

I never come out Pleased from the hairdresser. I´ve had some really bad haircuts here in Brazil. But now I have managed to find a good and very cheap hairdresser. Or at least she managed to sort out the mess the previous hairdresser had done. So I hope she is as good today.

A hair cut here is incredibly cheap; $2.
Yes $2!

And that´s normal price but of course you can pay much more if you want, but you won´t necessarily get a better haircut.

Well I better run if I don´t want to miss my appointment although that is usually no problem.

Wordless Wednesday Sep 5th

Kinder ovo

Daddy, did you buy an egg?
That is the first thing my son says when my husband arrives from work. :) You can solve anything with an egg...

More WW at 5minutes for mom.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

So, has she adapted yet?

My husband often gets the question if I have adapted to the Brazilian lifestyle yet. And of course I get that question too it´s just that they usually turn to my husband before turning to me, thinking I don´t speak Portuguese.

I can imagine that for some it is really difficult to adjust and adapt to a new life in a new country. For me that has never been an issue. From day one I have been totally OK here. In the beginning we had a few rough weeks when we lived with my MIL and family but since we moved to our own house; no problem.

And I am so thankful that I have no problems adapting myself wherever I go in the World. I have traveled to various places without having the slightest idea of what it would mean to me and I´ve been just fine.

I think one of the reasons I have never had any problems here is because I speak Portuguese. I would not want to live in a country and not speak the language. I need to communicate! *lol*
Of course new acquaintances don´t know this so they ask my husband about me when I sit next to them.
Has she adapted yet? Does she like it? Does she speak any Portuguese?

Of course they are looking at me while they speak to my husband.
Hey I´m here, can you please talk to me? If I can I will tell them that I understand perfectly what they say and yes I have adapted and no I have no trouble living here.

Do you think you would adapt easily if you moved to another country?