Friday, August 17, 2007

What a surprise....

I thought I liked washing clothes during the weekend and ironing late on Sunday nights.

I have always argued with my husband about that and kept my opinion very clear: let me iron on Sundays!

Well this week I tried something different, I washed everything twice this week, today as well, and ironed the last lot just now. And then it hit me: Wow! Now I don´t have to think about that on Saturday/Sunday but I can relax. One thing less on the weekend list...

Seriously.. how blind can one be?
I think I´ll try to keep this new thing going.. my hubby will like it that´s for sure! *lol*

When do you iron, weeks or weekends?Do you like it?

If you´re like me, really don´t like to iron, try to get a new steam iron they work wonderfully and it´s even fun to iron.

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Tammy said...

Or you could be like me...and if it's a bit wrinkled, just throw it in the dryer on "low" again! ;)

Mayogi said...

Iron....???? Huh? I can't even begin to remember the last time I used my iron.... *lol*

Mayogi @ Home, living in Morocco

Linda said...

Tammy> hmm that is a good one... :) Just that I haven´t got a dryer but if I did i could´ve taken up on your advice.

mayogi... what! You don´t iron your clothes??? Sounds just like me before I got married to a man that demands ironed clothes haha.