Thursday, August 30, 2007

What are you looking at?!?!

Imagine this situation: Your kid throws a fit on the street. He screams and cries for blocks, it´s a15 minute walk. You try to stay calm and make your kid quiet.
Nothing works.

To make it worse he is crying because you decided to take another street than the one he wanted.
So he cries like crazy.
And you are getting more and more upset.

And people stare. They turn around and stare.

What do you do in that situation?

Well I don´t do anything but looking straight ahead and walking as fast as I can looking really pissed off. And when I´m angry you can really tell that it´s not worth messing with me.
This scenario happened yesterday and I almost went totally crazy. I wanted to just shout "what the f* are you looking at??? Never seen a kid have a fit before?".
Obviously I didn´t do that.

So here is a serious question for you mommies: How do you deal with your kid after he has behaved this way? We are talking about a very clever little 3,5year old boy.

And the "funny" thing is that he never does this with my MIL when she picks him up. But he always comes up with something when I pick him up. And I do that at least 4 times a week. So when people sees him with my MIL they always comment that he is "scandalous" with me.
How funny is that??

So what should I do?

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Mayogi said...

I've listed you as one of my 5 recommendations for World Blog Day
Here is my post:

Don't Eat My Buchela! said...

Here via Mayogi's!

It is terrible when kids throw huge fits and it feels much worse when it is in public.

I am sure the reason he does it with you and not with your MIL is because you are his mother. Kids sometimes behave worse around their mothers than other people.

Lucy said...

Hi - I'm here from blogtalkgossip ...

I agree absolutely with don't eat my buchela - children always behave worse with their mothers! Because its safe, I think, and they can practice being cross, etc.

I used to ignore mine, but I read the other day that someone would draw attention to it "Oh look at little Emily having a tantrum - let's all watch, shall we?" which worked just as well.

I wonder why people are staring? You just know, don't you, that their children do the same thing ...

Linda said...

Thank you Mayogi!

Don´t eat my Buchela : Thanks. Yes I think you are right, it´s because I´m " MOM" so it´s OK to do it with me and it is connected to what Lucy said, it´s safe.
Lucy: I´ll give that a try, not ignoring but looking isnteead, who knows it might even work :)