Friday, August 10, 2007

Remembering those little things

My memory is bad. I would actually go to the extent to say that it is cr*p. See there I said it and now you know it.

Of course I remember silly things and non important things but the everyday things I tend to forget. The other day I asked my husband if he remember what Choriço looked like when he was a baby. And he said no, and I admitted that I didn´t remember either.

I remember but I don´t remember the exact looks on his face or so. Of course we do have a photograph up from when he was tiny, we really need to get more photos up, so we can remind ourselves when we look at that. But apart from that, no...
And it scares med, I want to remember! But the thing is that when you see someone everyday you don´t see the changes.

It´s the same thing with remembering what you looked like yourself 10 years ago. Sure you can see the difference, but did you see the changes happening everyday when you looked in to the mirror? I guess not.

So I am eternally grateful to Alhazen (Ibn Al-Haytham)that invented the first Camera obscura! Without that we might not have had a real camera today.

I do hope that I remember what I looked like in my youth when I´m old and got wrinkles :) *lol*

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Laane said...

Well, for some people I doubt if it's an invention that eases their mind.
Considering how many people have plastic/cosmetic surgery. LOL!

Linda said...

Haha. That´s right! Didn´t think about that :)