Friday, August 31, 2007

The darker side of me

There is one side of me my husband doesn´t see very often and when he see glimpses of it he looks at me like I´m out of my mind.
I call it my "darker side".

If you look through my CD´s you will see a vary varied mix of music. But a good part of them are different metal bands. And it´s when I put on one of those that my husband looks at me and says: What is this?

He doesn´t like metal the slightest but prefers to listen to Brazilian Fórro, country music kind of.
And if Faith/God/whatever you want to call it, had´t brought us together I would probably still live in London and be dressed in black most of the time. I still prefer black but it´s not the dominant color in my wardrobe any more.

And I miss that, I don´t miss the stressful life in London but I miss some of that, you think it will never end. I miss going to clubs and going out with my friends. I lived with a bunch of Swedes and we had so much fun.

Well those where the days... good memories.
And as for my husband, well I have never said I was sane...

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Mayogi said...

Oh, I understand you completely! I used to be a punk rocker and I loved going to concerts, staying out all night going to clubs or just sitting in a park until morning chatting with my friends. Nowadays I'm a responsible mama and I don't go to concerts anymore. But I can't live without music! Thank God for YouTube! I get my fair share of punk over there. I really need the energy I get from the music. My husband knows I'm insane. *lol*

BTW, black is such a nice color, don't you think? I used to be all dressed in black, with blue fingernails, safety pins in my clothes, the lot... *lol*

Linda said...

I love black actually and have done so since I was a kid. The safety pins you can keep to yourself though *lol*