Thursday, July 5, 2007

Such a clever boy!

I am so proud of my son. He is so clever! Every day he amazes me with new things and I just sit there with my jaw dropped thinking: how did he become so smart?
OK so he is probably no smartert than any other kid but he is mine :)

From not talking very much he has now increased his vocabulary the last month in an incredible way! He now says things that he has never said before and he talks and talks all the time.

We have had some problems with his talking because he is learning two languages. The Swedish has been in the way I think for him to learn how to speak in Portuguese. He doesn´t pronounce the words correctly and that makes it difficult to understand what he says sometimes.
Like any other kid he comes up with his own words.

: means spoon, spoon in Portuguese is colher, so it´s not even similar, in Swedish: Sked.
Pompom: means hammer, in Portugese it is martelo, in Swedish: hammare.

As they aren´t the least similar to any of the two languages spoken in our family it does take a while to figure out what he is talking about when he invents new words. And of course non family members won´t understand anything.

How can they understand when it´s hard for me as a mom to understand? :)

But he is catching up really fast and if I ask him he will talk Swedish to me. Only some words though. He finds it difficult to pronounce the words, which I understand.
But I am very proud of him understanding and trying to speak a language that he has only been taught from me.

If he has developed this much in just a month then how much will he learn this year?!?
It will be fun to see!


Mayogi said...

My experience, both from my own multilingual children and children I've worked with, is that most kids invent their own words. It doesn't matter if they learn one or five languages at the same time, they will still come up with their own versions of the words they are learning.

Don't forget to write the words down! It's great fun to look at those words as the child gets older and remember his/her invented words.