Friday, July 6, 2007

Not thankful!

If I was thankful yesterday then let me tell you that I am not thankful today.
I just received the energy bill and it was + R$40 more than we usually pay!!! That is a lot of money here!

This month my income has been less so I am not happy about having to pay this bill at all.
See is this a way to keep me struggling to get somewhere? Why?

I don´t even want to see my loving husbands reaction. I don´t think he will be so loving then.
And I know what it depends on.
The heater.

My wonderful heater that we bought.
I´m sorry.
This is so frustrating!

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Revka said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, Linda! I know how it is to run up the electric bill with stuff you love and then have your husband not happy about it - LOL. Hope this works out and you get more income and get to keep using your lovely heater.


Linda said...

Thanks Revka!

hubby took it really well and we are going to investigate what is happening as it seems very expensive even for the heater...
*hugs back! :)