Monday, July 23, 2007

My duties

OK, instead of spending ages talking about why I haven´t written in a while I´ll skip that. If you really want to know, you´ll have to ask.

In regards to my duties, I read an interesting post from Revka. She was talking about how it is time she grows up once and for all.
We are of course talking about housework.

When I read Revkas post it could´ve just as well been I who had written that.
I hate housework!
Or should I say that I don´t enjoy it?

Because, it´s just like Revka says, it seems to never change. Everyday I pick up toys in the living room. Everyday there is a mountain of dishes to be cleaned even though we are only two grown ups and a small child. Every morning I ask myself how it is possible that we make such a mess?
And who has to take care of it?

What does my husband do? He very rarely does the dishes, he never cooks, never does the laundry. The only thing I can say about him to his defense is that he does clean very well. He, on the other hand loves cleaning. I say that he is a cleaning fanatic. He wants everything spotless and I always have to tell him that is not possible when you have a 3yr old little boy.

So should I do like Revka and just suck it up and get on with it?
Honestly I don´t want to.
But I can also say that once I get cleaning I am the Queen of cleaning! Then nothing is good enough. It´s only that that happens maybe once in a month... if even that...

Hmm... I still have a mountain of dishes to be done... anyone?

OK, so my question to you mothers, do you think it´s a pain to clean your house or do you do it singing and dancing with joy? *exaggerating a tiny bit*


Revka said...

Yeah, you know I hate it! I, too, fight this battle alone, though my sweet husband did make the girls sort their messy room into piles for me yesterday. I am basically picking up everything for five people - not fun! But being a martyr and whining about it, even mentally, sure hasn't helped matters any. Time for a new strategy! :) Perhaps I can even learn to enjoy housekeeping if I focus on the end result - a clean house. (Not holding my breath for that, though *grin*) LEt me know how it goes.