Monday, July 23, 2007

Mommy bloggers

I am sure that the Mommy bloggers rule the Internet!
Do a quick little search and you will find that there are uncountable numbers of mommy blogs out there. So how will you find others just like yours?

Really it´s not that difficult.
See the chick blogrolling in the sidebar? I have found some great blogs on that list.

When I started this blog I was thinking of a way to give Mommy bloggers more exposure. That´s why I came up with This Month´s Mama.
OK I know this is not a top blog with hundreds of readers per day but I do have a few visitors each day and the numbers are growing.

Blogging is all about networking.
I am not afraid of someone else writing a better blog than I. That is why you can find so many similar blogs in the work at home topic over at Making A Happy Life.
I only want you to find other blogs you may find interesting and of course I hope that you will return.

This Month´s Mama is a small space but it is in a well exposed location and you can´t miss it when you visit this blog.

I repeat what I said about blogging is all about networking. Unless you help me get exposure for my blog I can´t help you get exposure for yours if I don´t know it exists.
I help you, you help me, it´s as easy as that.

So my intentions are good but if no one hops on the train I will have to remove This Month´s Mama. Which of course would be sad.

This Month´s Mama is changed the first of every month.
So there are 9 days left for someone to say they want the space or it will be gone.

I would love to help you get your blog noticed and the perfect thing would be to one day build a blogroll from This Months´Mamas.

So it´s all up to you, dear Mama.

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Revka said...

Well, you can put me on the list. :) I'll stop procrastinating and add your sites to my blog roll, too. :)

Linda said...

Great Revka! :)