Monday, July 9, 2007

A day on the countryside

On Saturday we went to my husband grandparents place. They live about 1,5 hour away from here in a small town. it looks as if everything stands still in that town, not much to do but still people like living there. On Saturday nights it´s always crowded in the ¨center¨.

I like small towns and I´m sure I would like to live there if I had to but I prefer living in our city. Out city has about 600 000 habitants. not too much and not too big. I like it.

My son likes my husbands uncle very much and every day he says: I want to go to Nelson. That is every day! Not one day passes without him saying that, so he is very fond of Nelson. It´s funny to see and good to know as well. And Nelson likes my son just as much.

Every time we go there we have to have a churrasco, a Brazilian BBQ. Nelson loves BBQ´s and it´s impossible to go there without Nelson making a BBQ.

We got back yesterday morning, we like to go early to not get back late and stress with everything at home. Now it will be at elast 2 months before we go again. We don´t go too offten, some how you get very tired going there. i don´t know what it is with that place but it makes me very tired.

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