Friday, July 27, 2007

And the Winners are...

We have two winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Congratulations to:
Karen @ 8 Kinds Of Crazy
VAIL @ Thoughts of a Wannabe

They have won a free header to their blog.

Everyone who has participated in the contest here at Mama´s Coffee Corner and at RS Design will receive a
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More information over at RS Design.

Wow! Stop!

136 potential winners! Great!
Thanks to everyone who has participated and signed up to win a free header!

I won´t tell you yet who has won. :)
You will have to wait until th afternoon. Now I have some dreaded housework to take care of...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway

If it´s your first time here: Welcome!
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Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway!
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I love contests so of course I have to participate as well!
Unfortunately I haven´t got an item to give you but almost.

I am giving away
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Please leave a comment that leads me to somewhere to contact you, a blog or an email address.

Winners will be announced on Friday Afternoon.
Good Luck!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Mommy bloggers

I am sure that the Mommy bloggers rule the Internet!
Do a quick little search and you will find that there are uncountable numbers of mommy blogs out there. So how will you find others just like yours?

Really it´s not that difficult.
See the chick blogrolling in the sidebar? I have found some great blogs on that list.

When I started this blog I was thinking of a way to give Mommy bloggers more exposure. That´s why I came up with This Month´s Mama.
OK I know this is not a top blog with hundreds of readers per day but I do have a few visitors each day and the numbers are growing.

Blogging is all about networking.
I am not afraid of someone else writing a better blog than I. That is why you can find so many similar blogs in the work at home topic over at Making A Happy Life.
I only want you to find other blogs you may find interesting and of course I hope that you will return.

This Month´s Mama is a small space but it is in a well exposed location and you can´t miss it when you visit this blog.

I repeat what I said about blogging is all about networking. Unless you help me get exposure for my blog I can´t help you get exposure for yours if I don´t know it exists.
I help you, you help me, it´s as easy as that.

So my intentions are good but if no one hops on the train I will have to remove This Month´s Mama. Which of course would be sad.

This Month´s Mama is changed the first of every month.
So there are 9 days left for someone to say they want the space or it will be gone.

I would love to help you get your blog noticed and the perfect thing would be to one day build a blogroll from This Months´Mamas.

So it´s all up to you, dear Mama.

My duties

OK, instead of spending ages talking about why I haven´t written in a while I´ll skip that. If you really want to know, you´ll have to ask.

In regards to my duties, I read an interesting post from Revka. She was talking about how it is time she grows up once and for all.
We are of course talking about housework.

When I read Revkas post it could´ve just as well been I who had written that.
I hate housework!
Or should I say that I don´t enjoy it?

Because, it´s just like Revka says, it seems to never change. Everyday I pick up toys in the living room. Everyday there is a mountain of dishes to be cleaned even though we are only two grown ups and a small child. Every morning I ask myself how it is possible that we make such a mess?
And who has to take care of it?

What does my husband do? He very rarely does the dishes, he never cooks, never does the laundry. The only thing I can say about him to his defense is that he does clean very well. He, on the other hand loves cleaning. I say that he is a cleaning fanatic. He wants everything spotless and I always have to tell him that is not possible when you have a 3yr old little boy.

So should I do like Revka and just suck it up and get on with it?
Honestly I don´t want to.
But I can also say that once I get cleaning I am the Queen of cleaning! Then nothing is good enough. It´s only that that happens maybe once in a month... if even that...

Hmm... I still have a mountain of dishes to be done... anyone?

OK, so my question to you mothers, do you think it´s a pain to clean your house or do you do it singing and dancing with joy? *exaggerating a tiny bit*

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I feel empty

At the moment I am feeling so empty and tired.
I want love and affection.
I want to be patient.
I want to show my love and affection for those I care about.

I miss my little family in Sweden.

Tears on my cheeks, rolling, I´m trying to dry them but they won´t stop...

I pray for light and patience.

It´s hard to be strong when you feel small.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Am I supposed to be OK?

That is the question I ask myself when I am sitting here on my chair. I am

incredibly uncomfortable, my back is aching, my body is tired.

If I lie down I´m uncomfortable too, so it doesn´t matter much if it´s on the sofa or not.

Seriously, I have been ill so much this past year. It´s not funny anymore. OK I can feel that this is only a cold and it will pass in a few days but still. I´ve had a cough for a few days and now this.

This morning Choriço wanted to play horse, I thought I was going to die. Well not exactly but not far from. How much energy do you have to have someone on your back treating you like a horse when all you want to do is lie down and moan?

The only thing lighting up my day was that I published my first hub on HubPages, I managed to get a contact as a paid food columnist. Which I am very happy about of course. My first hub is about Pesto.

Now I will have to lie down again... this is not the right day for blogging.

Have a nice weekend all!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So it´s my birthday...

OK, let me tell you, I am one of those that cannot take it if I am not wished happy birthday or given a gift.

Today I went for a walk with my friend M and her friend K that is visiting from the U.S. They also took me out for lunch which was great! We had a very nice time together. I am very happy they did that.

I called my hubby and told him to bring take away, a simple hamburger. He came home and we have eaten and still nothing. Did he bring me anything? No. And he knows very well that I get upset about this.

This is when it hurts being far from your family. No one has called me to wish me happy birthday. 2 friends has emailed me and 2 others have told me happy b´day through IM.
Oh and I did get some happy b day through my Swedish blog and through a forum that I have some friends on. * Without them... nothing*

Seriously... it stinks. I don´t want to sound ungrateful, but I really wish that people could care a bit more.

Thanks to my friend Mayogi for the Happy Birthday!

Monday, July 9, 2007

A day on the countryside

On Saturday we went to my husband grandparents place. They live about 1,5 hour away from here in a small town. it looks as if everything stands still in that town, not much to do but still people like living there. On Saturday nights it´s always crowded in the ¨center¨.

I like small towns and I´m sure I would like to live there if I had to but I prefer living in our city. Out city has about 600 000 habitants. not too much and not too big. I like it.

My son likes my husbands uncle very much and every day he says: I want to go to Nelson. That is every day! Not one day passes without him saying that, so he is very fond of Nelson. It´s funny to see and good to know as well. And Nelson likes my son just as much.

Every time we go there we have to have a churrasco, a Brazilian BBQ. Nelson loves BBQ´s and it´s impossible to go there without Nelson making a BBQ.

We got back yesterday morning, we like to go early to not get back late and stress with everything at home. Now it will be at elast 2 months before we go again. We don´t go too offten, some how you get very tired going there. i don´t know what it is with that place but it makes me very tired.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Not thankful!

If I was thankful yesterday then let me tell you that I am not thankful today.
I just received the energy bill and it was + R$40 more than we usually pay!!! That is a lot of money here!

This month my income has been less so I am not happy about having to pay this bill at all.
See is this a way to keep me struggling to get somewhere? Why?

I don´t even want to see my loving husbands reaction. I don´t think he will be so loving then.
And I know what it depends on.
The heater.

My wonderful heater that we bought.
I´m sorry.
This is so frustrating!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thankful thursday July 5

* I am so very thankful for the opportunities that I have been given in this life. i am learning so much everyday.

* I am incredibly thankful for my son and the love he gives me everyday.

* Life would not be complete if it wasn´t for my wonderful husband that sticks beside me through thick and thin.

* I am thankful that I have two wonderful dogs that shows so much love and affection each day.

* I just love the inspiration that I have been given and how much I am enjoying to seek new ventures in life.

* I am very thankful that I am finally finding my way in life.

What are you thankful for?

Visit Sting my Heart and share your thankfulness!

Such a clever boy!

I am so proud of my son. He is so clever! Every day he amazes me with new things and I just sit there with my jaw dropped thinking: how did he become so smart?
OK so he is probably no smartert than any other kid but he is mine :)

From not talking very much he has now increased his vocabulary the last month in an incredible way! He now says things that he has never said before and he talks and talks all the time.

We have had some problems with his talking because he is learning two languages. The Swedish has been in the way I think for him to learn how to speak in Portuguese. He doesn´t pronounce the words correctly and that makes it difficult to understand what he says sometimes.
Like any other kid he comes up with his own words.

: means spoon, spoon in Portuguese is colher, so it´s not even similar, in Swedish: Sked.
Pompom: means hammer, in Portugese it is martelo, in Swedish: hammare.

As they aren´t the least similar to any of the two languages spoken in our family it does take a while to figure out what he is talking about when he invents new words. And of course non family members won´t understand anything.

How can they understand when it´s hard for me as a mom to understand? :)

But he is catching up really fast and if I ask him he will talk Swedish to me. Only some words though. He finds it difficult to pronounce the words, which I understand.
But I am very proud of him understanding and trying to speak a language that he has only been taught from me.

If he has developed this much in just a month then how much will he learn this year?!?
It will be fun to see!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Wordless Wednesday July 4

neighborhood corner

This is a taste of my neighborhood.
The little shop is a shop where you can buy everything to build your house.
It´s 8 o´clock in the morning only.

This Month´s Mama # 2

This month´s mama is no one else but Suzel.
Suzel is traveling at the moment, *she is on her honeymoon*

Congrats to her!

She will be this month´s mama for a month.
You could be the next one :) See sidebar for information and leave your comment.

You can find last months mama Mayogi in the sidebar under ¨The Mamas¨.

A sad day

Yesterday was a sad day.
When we came to the nursery to drop off my son I was informed that the secretary had had a stroke during the weekend.
Only her heart was beating.

It was such a chock that when I came home I kneeled down beside bed and cried and prayed for her family.
She was such a lovely person. Always happy and joking with everyone.
She died a few hours later and I had to go and pick up my son from the nursery earlier. That is because the funeral is on the same day.

I will truly miss her.

Rest in peace Tania.