Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A sunny winter day

How bad haven´t I been not posting anything the last few days?

Well Life has been holding me back and i haven´t ahd any inspiration to write anything so therefor no posts. Life, you know :)

Well today is another sunny winter day in Brazil. My son is at home because he was complaining of earache and was just plain fuzzy this morning so he is at home. I went for a walk as normally with my friend M and her mother that is here at the moment from Alaska. I put a hat on Choriço and let him come along in the stroller.

It was nice with a walk, not too warm and not too cold.

Then I had a private student. A poor boy of 12 that somehow has missed the basic of English because he didn´t have a clue about I, you, He/she/it - is-are, have, don´t... etc.
Basically nothing. His mother came pleading for me to help him last night, because he had a test today.
I´m not too hopeful the test went well to be honest. I told the mother that he needs to open up his book from last semester and it wouldn´t hurt him to take few more lessons.

I have given up on private lessons to be honest. No one appreciates the value and think that a lesson is too expensive, well as I said to the mother yesterday, go to one of the English schools here in town and ytou will see that they are twice as expensive! So I come out quite cheap then.

I gave private lessons to a girl and when it was time to pay her mother was horrible to me on the phone calling me names and said she had already paid, bla bla bla... she never paid me.
And it made me smarter so now it´s payment upfront!

Except that the mother that came yesterday sounded so despereate that i said it was OK for her to pay on the 1st. We´ll see if she comes around.

Well now I have to continue my blogging round, Choriço is a lseep and I have things to do. Tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday and I have to say I really enjoy it! I am glad to see so many people participating and I try to go around to others and say hi but sometimes there isn´t enough time.

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