Friday, June 1, 2007

One puppy gone!

This is a sad moment.
A mother and her daughter just came by and said their dog died a few weeks ago. Poisoned. Unfortunately this has happened to quite a few dogs here on our street.
The daughter is very sad and doesn't even play as she used to before. So they came in and chose one of the puppies. The brown white one. He is a very sweet dog, a little bit causious so I really hope they take care of him well!

Now I have to re-charge my camera so that I can take photots of the remaining ones.
My husband will get happy that's for sure. He has said that if he can't find anyone who wants the he will put them on the streeet. And I said over my dead body!

I wish I could win a million today and buy a big house and keep them all :)


Homemom3 said...

Poor little girl, I remember when we had a dog that was given rat poison, it is so awful. Hope she likes her new puppy.