Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mom, I love you

Is there anything bettter than waking up in the morning,s till half asleep and your child starts hugging you. Drags you closer to hold you tight. Then starts kissing you and says: Mom, I love you.

That is how I woke up this morning. I got loads of kisses and heard that Iwas loved by my son. And I thought to myself that I will have to cherish this moment and remember it when we argue.

My son is really lovely and he likes most people. He is beautiful and everyone likes him wherever he goes. And I am a proud mother of course.

It´s difficult to not fight with your children, they are learning what is right and wrong and don´t always understand why they can´t do things. That´s when you need to remember those special moments and fill your heart with love instead of anger.

Give your child an extra hug today and say that you love him/her.


Mayogi said...

Oooh, how sweet! My boys are very loving and kind and they tell my all the time how much they love me. Of cause, I tell them so all the time as well.

Today my blog is one month old. Come on over and join the fun! I'm having a cyber party with cookies, tea, music and belly dancing.*lol*