Friday, June 8, 2007

Corpus Cristi 2007

Yesterday was Corpus Cristi here in Brazil. It´s one of the biggest holidays in the Catholic church.
In the morning, or really I should say at night, people get up and decorate the streets nearby the neighbourhood church. The first year I was here they decorated my street. I didn´t undertand why there were so many people on the street 6 o´clock in the morning.
Then I found out.

This year I went out early and took some photos.

Maria and Jesus

Fire heart

White Dove


Amor Heart


Louvemos Ao Senhor


Heart in sunlight


4 Coffee´s on the table, please have some coffee

:: Suzanne :: said...

beautiful shots!

thx for dropping by my blog. I'm happy to find yours

Kate said...

After winning your contest, I thought I would let you know that I am hosting a group writing project starting Monday. I would be so glad if you could participate.

The prize is also a gift certificate or cash. Details will be up at babylune tomorrow.

mamabright said...

these are beautiful...what are the made from...???

Linda said...

Thanks all!
Kate I shall try to particpate, thanks for letting me know!

Mamabright: they are made from recycled paper, and everything else you can imagine. It's pure fantasy :)