Friday, June 1, 2007


In Sweden we have a bear called Bamse. He is a lovely bear and I grew up watching him on telly. Yes it's a cartoon bear.
Of course I want to pass this wonderful tradition on to my son. He got a CD-Rom with Bamse that he plays once in a while. Or that is I helped him when he could play. He can't now becasue I switched from Windows to Linux.
I'll have to figure out how to get that working.

Anyway, he had some t-shirts with Bamse and he has always loved Bamse.
Yesterday one of my friends sent me 2 Bamse long sleeved sweaters. My son got extremely happy and said: Mom, did you buy a Bamse film?
As I didn't have a Bamse film I was very sad to say I hadn't. He got so angry and sad! He cried and cried and shouted that he wanted to watch Bamse.

And I was totally torn up inside, I felt so bad that I actually couldn't go and buy a Bamse film for him.
Sometimes it absolutely sucks being far from Sweden and not have the money to get stuff sent to me. Thankfully I have wonderful friends that also lives abroad and I asked them if no one has go a film they can burn and send me and now it looks like I have managed to get some Bamse films.

Thank you God for my wonderful friends!

As I finally have got a printer I will try and print some fun things for him to do from the Bamse page. I just hope he won't go crazy and talk abut the film again. I have to save up to be able to subscribe to Bamse for him. It's a very nice magazine for kids.

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