Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday´s Feast 150

I have already become meme addicted. So today I am doing Friday feast, that´s my style. I like to cook!

strawberrychocolate cake

How many pieces of jewelry do you wear most days?
*6 One earing in every ear and 2 nose piercings, one wedding ring and one ring my mother gave me.

What is your favorite instrumental song?
*Fur Elize, on Piano

Who has a last name that you like? *hmm... I don´t know actually.. boring ha.

Main Course
Name a popular movie you’ve never seen.
*Fast food Nation, but I am planning on watching it. Should I?

Fill in the blank: Nothing makes me __smile__ like __a Farmers Market full of food_.

Go to Friday´s Feast if you want to participate!


Let me share with you a dream I had the other night. it´s something that touched me deeply and I can still feel the sensation of despair in my heart.

I dreamt that I was moving back to Sweden to a neighborhood where I lived before. I don´t remember too clearly, it was like I was a daughter but I still had my own family. The decision was made without me and I had no choice because when I realized I was already in Sweden.
The sensation of despair and desperation flooded over me and I felt so unhappy.
I thought about everything I had built here in Brazil. My house, my things,my family, MY HOME! I felt such a longing for MY home.
And it made me sad. And all I wanted to do was scream NO! Don´t do this to me!

I woke up before getting into the dream too much but what I had dreamed had already affected me.
I love my house, my home, my things and the feeling of having my own home! I never thought I would and now I do. I am so blessed!

I love my native country but this is my home and this is where I belong until I am shown otherwise.
I am so grateful and it almost makes me cry when I think of leaving my home. And I have never had troubles with moving, this is the first time in my life I feel like this and it´s a totally new feeling, takes some time to get used to.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thankful Thursday June 28

I have so many things to be thankful for so I don´t even know where to start.

* I am thankful that the migraine that I woke up with this morning now is just half as painful as it was 3 hours ago. Some sleeping and painkillers cured that.

* I am thankful that my son is getting better and that he has been less ill this year than the last.

* I am thankful that we finally got our living room painted! Was about time.

* I am thankful that my computer so far is not giving me much trouble.

* I am thankful for everything provided for me. I know the feeling of not having enough money and not being able to feed your family properly.
* I am so thankful for not living in that situation any longer.

* I am thankful for the friendships I have today that I didn´t have 6 months ago.

* I am thankful for being given a chance to broaden my horizons everyday.

For more thankfulness please visit Sting my Heart.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wordless Wednesday June 27

ground coffee beans 1

This morning my coffee was almost finished and then I realized that I still have ungrounded beans at home that my MIL gave me some time ago. And I have an old coffee grounder so I took some beans and here is the result. It has a slight smell and taste of pink pepper as thats what I had been grounding before (you can even see the pink pepper in the picture). But the smell and the taste is very pleasant and I might have just come up with a new coffee :)

Happy WW!!!

Ps: I still have 4 headers to give away!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I am bruised!

I just came out of the shower and I noticed that I am bruised!
And that is not because of domestic violence from my husbands part but from an angry little 3yr old boy. It´s on my lower arm.

My son was incredibly angry with me yesterday or it could´ve been this morning actually and he grabs me with his fingers and squeezes so hard.
The result is that I am bruised, I never thought that it would become a mark from that now I see....

I´m gonna have to keep him far away.. :)

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Gentle disciplining?

I´m not sure what that means actually.

What is gentle?
I see other moms picking their kids up from nursery, they don´t even look at the kid, no hi how was your day, nothing. Simply turn their back and walk away. And their 3-4yr old walks behind.

When I saw that I was stunned.
I always smile to my son, make sure I ask him how he is, and give him a kiss. And the only time I will walk in front of him is if he doesn´t want to walk and I have to make sure we continue walking. But i will turn every 5seconds to make sure he is OK.

And then the disciplining.
OK, I am quite strict but I am very vague/week. I believe kids needs boundaries but some days I just can´t fight it.
I want my son to respect what I say and do as I say without arguing too much. I believe you should honor and respect your parents. Basic stuff.
But that´s difficult. Kids in this age, 3yrs old, argue, then don´t just listen to what their parents say.

I am still not sure what gentle discipline means, does it mean that you only talk or does it mean not beating your child? I believe in communication, but when talking doesn´t resolve the problem adn their is a risk for a life to be taken. Then I am not gentle.
No of course I am not spanking my child! But I do take him by the ear once in a while. Is that too hard?
Is that not gentle?

Oh yes I raise my voice, but tell me what mother doesn´t? Most does even if they don´t want to admit it. But does raising my voice mean that I am not gentle?

Really what is gentle disciplining?
Are you gentle or are you not?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wordless Wednesday June 20

This is another favorite of mine. it´s not the most perfect picture but then again what is. But it´s beautiful.

It´s dried lychee kernels. See I was eating lychee's and left the kernels and their peel to dry and this is what became of it.
Simple but yet beautiful.
Hope you like it just as much as I do.

Lychee kernels

This time I am trying out a bigger picture, well see how it looks.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A sunny winter day

How bad haven´t I been not posting anything the last few days?

Well Life has been holding me back and i haven´t ahd any inspiration to write anything so therefor no posts. Life, you know :)

Well today is another sunny winter day in Brazil. My son is at home because he was complaining of earache and was just plain fuzzy this morning so he is at home. I went for a walk as normally with my friend M and her mother that is here at the moment from Alaska. I put a hat on Choriço and let him come along in the stroller.

It was nice with a walk, not too warm and not too cold.

Then I had a private student. A poor boy of 12 that somehow has missed the basic of English because he didn´t have a clue about I, you, He/she/it - is-are, have, don´t... etc.
Basically nothing. His mother came pleading for me to help him last night, because he had a test today.
I´m not too hopeful the test went well to be honest. I told the mother that he needs to open up his book from last semester and it wouldn´t hurt him to take few more lessons.

I have given up on private lessons to be honest. No one appreciates the value and think that a lesson is too expensive, well as I said to the mother yesterday, go to one of the English schools here in town and ytou will see that they are twice as expensive! So I come out quite cheap then.

I gave private lessons to a girl and when it was time to pay her mother was horrible to me on the phone calling me names and said she had already paid, bla bla bla... she never paid me.
And it made me smarter so now it´s payment upfront!

Except that the mother that came yesterday sounded so despereate that i said it was OK for her to pay on the 1st. We´ll see if she comes around.

Well now I have to continue my blogging round, Choriço is a lseep and I have things to do. Tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday and I have to say I really enjoy it! I am glad to see so many people participating and I try to go around to others and say hi but sometimes there isn´t enough time.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Mayogi is having a blogparty this week!!

She is celebrating that her blog is one month old!! Congratulations to her!

Please do stop by and have some mint tea and cookies and listen to her favorite music :)

I´ve been there and it was very nice :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mom, I love you

Is there anything bettter than waking up in the morning,s till half asleep and your child starts hugging you. Drags you closer to hold you tight. Then starts kissing you and says: Mom, I love you.

That is how I woke up this morning. I got loads of kisses and heard that Iwas loved by my son. And I thought to myself that I will have to cherish this moment and remember it when we argue.

My son is really lovely and he likes most people. He is beautiful and everyone likes him wherever he goes. And I am a proud mother of course.

It´s difficult to not fight with your children, they are learning what is right and wrong and don´t always understand why they can´t do things. That´s when you need to remember those special moments and fill your heart with love instead of anger.

Give your child an extra hug today and say that you love him/her.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday June 13

This picture was taken last week on Corpus Cristi.
I immediately loved it, early morning sun reflecting.

There is something special bout sunny mornings, and what better way to start your morning then looking at beautiful rose petals in the sun?


Some busy days

I have been sop busy these last few days so I haven´t had time to do anything right.
We ahve been trying to get rid of our puppies and now 4 out of 6 are gone. It´s really sad and I hope that the dogs are taken well care of.

I am desperately trying to convince my husband that we are going to keep one but he refuse to listen to me! :)

We already have 2 big dogs and only a 100 square meter yard so it is a bit small he thinks. I do and I don´t. I have almost accepted that I will have to give my favorite puppy away. But I will cry when she leaves, for sure.

I have had some rough days as well emotionally. I´ve been a bit upset and angry and sad but all that is slowly going away. Sometimes things in life is difficult until you get a good perspective and can see things from another point of view.
Sometimes we stand too close.

I hope that you all are having a great week!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Corpus Cristi 2007

Yesterday was Corpus Cristi here in Brazil. It´s one of the biggest holidays in the Catholic church.
In the morning, or really I should say at night, people get up and decorate the streets nearby the neighbourhood church. The first year I was here they decorated my street. I didn´t undertand why there were so many people on the street 6 o´clock in the morning.
Then I found out.

This year I went out early and took some photos.

Maria and Jesus

Fire heart

White Dove


Amor Heart


Louvemos Ao Senhor


Heart in sunlight


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wordless Wednesday June 6


This is one of he most beautiful photos that I know. What you see is Jabuticaba com roma e folha de goiaba.
The green leaf is a guava leaf and on top of that you have Jabuticaba, the black berry with white inside, and also pomegranate. The pomegranate is white becasue it wasn´t mature enough to eat.

I really like this picture and used it in my sidebar at my food blogs.

The pomegranate is blossoming again and I´m going to see if I can get some. It´s suppose to be good for cough my MIL says.

One day I´ll tell you about the Brazilian home remedies. There is a remedy for everything. trust me!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Yes, finally

Thank you blogger for seeing that my blog is not a spam blog!
Much appreciated. I am happy it didn't take longer!

Now lets see if my comments will show...

Friday, June 1, 2007

One puppy gone!

This is a sad moment.
A mother and her daughter just came by and said their dog died a few weeks ago. Poisoned. Unfortunately this has happened to quite a few dogs here on our street.
The daughter is very sad and doesn't even play as she used to before. So they came in and chose one of the puppies. The brown white one. He is a very sweet dog, a little bit causious so I really hope they take care of him well!

Now I have to re-charge my camera so that I can take photots of the remaining ones.
My husband will get happy that's for sure. He has said that if he can't find anyone who wants the he will put them on the streeet. And I said over my dead body!

I wish I could win a million today and buy a big house and keep them all :)


In Sweden we have a bear called Bamse. He is a lovely bear and I grew up watching him on telly. Yes it's a cartoon bear.
Of course I want to pass this wonderful tradition on to my son. He got a CD-Rom with Bamse that he plays once in a while. Or that is I helped him when he could play. He can't now becasue I switched from Windows to Linux.
I'll have to figure out how to get that working.

Anyway, he had some t-shirts with Bamse and he has always loved Bamse.
Yesterday one of my friends sent me 2 Bamse long sleeved sweaters. My son got extremely happy and said: Mom, did you buy a Bamse film?
As I didn't have a Bamse film I was very sad to say I hadn't. He got so angry and sad! He cried and cried and shouted that he wanted to watch Bamse.

And I was totally torn up inside, I felt so bad that I actually couldn't go and buy a Bamse film for him.
Sometimes it absolutely sucks being far from Sweden and not have the money to get stuff sent to me. Thankfully I have wonderful friends that also lives abroad and I asked them if no one has go a film they can burn and send me and now it looks like I have managed to get some Bamse films.

Thank you God for my wonderful friends!

As I finally have got a printer I will try and print some fun things for him to do from the Bamse page. I just hope he won't go crazy and talk abut the film again. I have to save up to be able to subscribe to Bamse for him. It's a very nice magazine for kids.