Thursday, May 3, 2007

Too quiet?

Has it been too quiet in here do you think looking at the last post being dated 18/4? Well there's a reason for that. I have done that on purpose.

Reason being, I didn't want to start updating the blog too much before it's about to launch. And now the time has come closer and I can start writing in here as planned.

So what can you expect to see in here?
Well, basically all my ramblings that were supposed to go on my now WAHM blog, Making A Happy Life. It turned in to a more work from home blog than a ramblings blog so I didn't feel that I had a place to say what on my mind exactly at the precis moment. Now I do.

I will probably write lots of uninteresting information and stuff you won't even comment on. But I hope to write things and share experiences that you can relate to and like as well.

I want to meet lots of mommy or non mommy bloggers :)

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