Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The laid back Mama

I really wonder what they say behind my back over at my son's nursery. They probably say: This kid has no boundaries, they let him do everything.

Yes and it might seem so actually.
We have been struggling with changing clothes in the morning now for over a year. That's how long he has been to nursery. Every morning it's the same thing: It's impossible to get him to put on clothes. Talking is not leading any where, neither is screaming or threatening (which I of course do not agree you should use, but hey I am only a mother).
Nothing works.

So what do we do? Well it came to a point where I could not take the fights in the morning any longer so I simply stopped dressing him.
I spoke to his "tia" (caretaker or what ever it's are called), who totally understood and said that it was OK to just bring the clothes and they would put them on. They wear uniform.

Well we still have issues with the dressing bit but it's better.

Another thing my son does: he brings films to the nursery.
No I don't agree but then again, hey I am only a mother and I am sick and tired of fighting.
He loves film, he gets very excited about films. Yesterday he got a Woody Woodpecker film, he absolutely adores WW so of course he wanted to bring that.

Yes I could've said no and instead carried my child to nursery in tears. But I didn't.

Do I really need to feel bad about this?
I know I laid back but I try to educate my son in other things. Like respect and being kind and loving.
That is what I think is important.

But I also say that you can not get all you want all the time.

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