Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kickoff Contest!

Do you see my beautiful header?
The header is made by Revka from RS Design. She opened her header business a few weeks back and we started talking about having a contest to tell everyone about our new blogs.
So from today we are starting with the kickoff contest!

You can win:
A free header from Revka, she will work closely with you to make sure you are happy with everything.
Or you can win a $20 Gift certificate from *Unless you have a very good suggestion for something else you would like to win*
Or you can swap you Amazon gift voucher for a Brazilian Goodie Box sent to your door.

How to win:
It's really easy, you write a post about the contest, link to both RSDesign and Mama's Coffee Corner, sign Mr. Linky at the blog offering the prize you want to win. If you would like to win both prizes, sign up at both blogs.

We will be holding the contest for one week, beginning today. (May 17-24)
Winners will be announced on May 25.

Good Luck!

16 Coffee´s on the table, please have some coffee

Revka said...

Good job!

Mama Money said...

I like the header--good job, RS Designs!

Mrs.Garcia said...

Nice Blog. I love the look and the header.
God Bless,

Mayogi said...

I really like your new blog! The colors make me want a cup of coffee. *lol* Best of luck with your new blog!!!

aBookworm said...

Count me in! I've put up a blog post about this contest here :

This is a great site and now I have one more blog to compulsively visit!


Barb said...

I've got my post up and I hope that it encourages lots of people to enter the contest and read both sites! I've greatly enjoyed working with Revka and highly recommend her work!

LoveMyStarr said...

This is great! Nice place! Revka made my header at Through the Midst of Despair, but I wrote my post at Scamp's Place. She did a great job!

Tina said...

I love your header, and I love coffee~ black and strong here...Revka made my header as well~ Cherry Hill cute! She is good! I'm excited about the contest...

Suzel O'Donnell said...

It's really fantastic!!! I am so pround of this job. Congratulations!!! It's feminine, delicate, sweet as you are!!!
"To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, ..." Hebrews 11:1

Karin said...

Now I have put up a post about your kick off contest here: Kick Off Contest at Mama´s Coffee Corner & RS Designs

Dustanne said...

This rocks....I love the header and I love the colours!!!!!
Good luck with your blog, you sound very busy working and doing all your other activities.
Kudos to you!!!!!

I am off now to blog. :o)

allhisblessings said...

Wow, this is so awesome! As a fellow coffee lover, I want to say I just love your blog name!!!

I posted at my blog here:

The Mommy Blawger said...

I linked to your contest:

Love my new header! Love yours, too.

Mom@HWTK said...

What a fun kickoff contest!

LivingforGod said...

I posted about this contest on my blog:

disa said...