Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm with a heater

Instead of happily saying that I am with child I say that I am with a heater!
And I am just as happy. OK it's not the same joy but I am definitely grateful.

I said to my husband last year that I thought we should by a heater. He wasn't too keen on the idea and I thought that the only portable heaters were the ones with a kind of fan. Which I had when we lived in London and I didn't like it oo much.

Well all that changed when I went to my friend M's house the other week. I saw that they had a heater tht looks just like the ones that are installed only that it was a portable one.

On Thursday night I was freezing like crazy! I was sleeping with two jumpers, a pair of leggings and socks and double covers. And I was still cold. Then I decided that that was it! I said to my husband: We are buying a heater no matter hat you say. I refuse to be freezing inside all the time!

And thankfully, this morning we bought a small heater.
It's not heating just as much as I'd like but it's definitely better than it was before!

No more writing with gloves on!! * sounds crazy but that's what I was doing yesterday*

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Mayogi said...

Congrats!!!! I know too well what you´re talking about. Here in Morocco it gets freezing cold in winter, specially indoors. It's crazy really - you put on a sweater when you get inside and take it off when you go outside. We have 2 small heaters and most of the time we have around 18 degrees C in the house, but some days we only have like 12 degrees. That´s COLD!!!!!

Today we have a nice summer day and I think I'd better start washing and folding our winter clothes and putting them away until next time. Summer is on it´s way!!!!! Yiiihaaaaa!!! *lol*

Linda said...

:) Well then you know exactly what I am talking about. Good that summer is on it's way in Marocco. I will have a few months of cold weather now... :(

Revka said...

I kept trying to figure out why it's cold there. Well, duh! You're south of the equator and are heading into winter while we are just beginning our summer. I'm glad you have a heat source now.

Linda said...

:) I am definitely happy as well. But really I'd like for it to be wamer. :) the heater that is :)