Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I love you Mommy

"Amo voce Maé"- Love you mommy.

This is what my son of 3 is saying everyday at the moment. The other day he repeated it at least 5 times/hour. And of course I always say that I love him too.
My husband doesn't always say so but I believe it's important to encourage him to express his feelings.

Well that was last week and this week I'm not as loved.
"Amo voce náo"- I don't love you. That's what I was told several times yesterday and every time I replied: Well mommy loves you very very much!

If I was to say: "Mommy doesn't love you either", then what would I pass on to him?

I have the cutest little boy, he is a kind and loving boy and I hope he always stays like that.

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Revka said...

When Pookie Bear is mad at me she will tell me that she doesn't love me. I always tell her that I love her anyway because I think we should let our children know that we love them no matter what.

Linda said...

I totally agree Revka! Thanks!
It's verye asy that we fall into that trap of answering back in the same manner though.