Monday, April 16, 2007

Seeing through the phone

My son is at home from nursery today. He has been watching some TV and also enjoyed himself with drawing on his cars with a blue marker. I told him that he had to stop or his Daddy would get mad at him when he sees what little Choriço* has done.

My husband just called and Choriço started talking about the cars that he had drawed on. He told me to go and get the cars. He insisted so much that I actually went and picked up the cars.
Then he holds one of the cars in front of the phone and says, can you see Daddy?

He tries to show the car through the phone. :)

I think it was really cute!

*Choriço is the nickname my son carries from the day he was born :) It's real meaning in Portuguese is a sausage made of pig blood.

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